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One of the topmost and on-demand products available at Glomikart is Memory kit in Tamil. Although this product has been a bestseller for several years in a row, considering the interest the student community shows in buying this complete kit and the reviews that are available show a clear win situation for the product and the sellers.   

In the first place, there are very few products out there in the market, that bring out video lessons for the students. Secondly, most of the Memory Power books and products are only in the form of books The worst situation is when a student wants to look for a creative solution that will ease his tension about studying and memorizing too much, there is hardly any product that provides him/her with that.

Most of the students are tired of looking for solutions as most of the available memory books provide only a preaching style of recommendations and exhortations. They leave the students without showing exactly how to use these tips and tricks after they buy their products. There are very few books with a combination of providing a complete system along with tips and tricks.

The specialty of the Memory Kit

At the moment, the memory kit is available in three different formats. The first of course is the book, the second is the ebook format, And the third is the Visual or video format. The complete Memory Kit combines all the three. Ther is still another format which is not available on Glomikart. It is available in the form of a complete course with many tests, quiz and finally offers a online certification too..

The complete system is appreciated by most of the buyers of the product for understandable reasons. the system has a complete play-way system of learning. Secondly, the system combines four skills, namely, 1. Memory skill, 2. Organizational Skills, 3. Communication Skills, 4. Language Skills and 5. Creativity

There are other innumerable benefits one gets with this system of learning. It provides a disciplined way of studying anything.  Due to this we are able to learn this method also ( apart from what we will be studying in the future ), in a short time. Once things are better organised, the actual effort takes only a little time.


The complete note-taking is organized in a playful way of not play-way. The system teaches with a funny scribble or drawing which makes most of the main concepts to remain in our mind easily.  The complete and complex ideas from a paragraph are being synthesized into just a word or two.

Now it becomes so easy to study. We are so sure about the complex ideas we are about to study because we know the ideas are arranged organically.

The specialty of the Memory Course

The complete memory course, of course, is being offered on web portal. The portal certainly offers a great way of learnign the skill with undeniable benefits ;

One can witness and experience the magical way the course can make an impact on the learner, especially if he or she is a student just waiting to score good marks in the exams.

9.5 Total Score
Excellent Memory Kit for Students!

An unbelievably easy way of studying and scoring very high marks, medals, and appreciation. This system offers the students who lack disciplined way of studying a great way of scoring high marks.

  • Easy to understand
  • Videos available
  • A complete system of learning and remembering
  • Learn the system to study anything
  • Practical exercise relating directly to our textbooks
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